Cognitive and Communication Therapy

Over 30 years ago, NRC Feldman and Associates Inc. pioneered the use of contextual therapy (therapy in your familiar environment). We believe that teaching you to compensate for difficulties with cognitive and communication skills such as working memory, attention, planning, and initiation are best taught where you live and work. We focus on developing skills that are important to you as you navigate through your daily life.

Dynamic, creative, caring, committed and knowledgeable therapists and counsellors bring expertise that will help you to return to the home, community, school, addressing cognitive and communication difficulties.

Cognitive and communication therapies are provided by our speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and social workers within each professional’s scope of practice.

Our Cognitive and Communication services include:

  • Comprehensive functional (using your  environment, your daily tasks) cognitive assessment and training.
  • Standardized and contextual cognitive-communication assessment and training/therapy.
  • Psychosocial assessment and counselling such as teaching you to decrease emotional distractors.
  • Supervision and consultation with rehabilitation support workers to help you to practice taught strategies.