Return to School

We will help you to return to school at your optimal level. We work with places of learning such as high schools, colleges, and universities.

We use a return to school approach that is individualized based on your needs, in your school environment. The holistic nature of our approach guides clinicians to integrate academic and life goals.

We know that input from you, your teachers, your family and your significant others is imperative as together we develop your return to school program.


  • Assess your readiness to attempt a return to school by analyzing the cognitive, communication, ergonomic and psychosocial/behavioral expectations of your course work and extracurricular activities.
  • Create a circle of care: this may include important people such as your health care providers; teachers; guidance counsellors; peers; insurer; and family who will support you with the return to school process.

You are now ready to attempt a gradual return to school…

We will:

  • Use your course work to provide the context for cognitive therapy, communication therapy, occupational therapy, and psychosocial counselling.
  • Provide ergonomic assessment, training and modifications in your study space at home and at school.
  • Assist with arranging academic modifications.
  • Assist with the development of Individual Educational Plans.
  • Assist you to learn throughout your academic career by providing therapies as needed in order to help you to achieve your academic potential on a long-term basis.