Return to the Home and Community

We will help you return to your home and community using an approach that is empowering and individualized based on your needs, in your living environment. The holistic nature of our approach guides clinicians to integrate home and community goals.

We know that input from you, your family and your significant others is imperative as together we help you to fulfill your roles at  home, as well as  participate in your recreation, leisure and social activities.

We know that  helping you to create a circle of care optimizes a satisfying life.

We know that  your changes can affect your  family and  significant others. It is important to help them to adjust to changes in themselves and each other.

We help you to fulfill your roles at home and in the community by helping you to:

  • Decrease pain when performing physical and cognitive tasks.
  • Decrease the effects of cognitive difficulties related to memory, attention, multi-tasking, problems solving and decision-making.
  • Decrease the effects of communication difficulties related to your ability to engage in conversations, read, write and understand media.
  • Create a safe home environment.
  • Perform housekeeping and home maintenance  tasks safely.
  • Adjust to changes that have resulted from your injury.
  • Return to recreation and leisure activities.

We also:

  • Help your family and significant others to adjust to changes in themselves and your relationships.
  • Supervise personal support workers/attendants, and rehabilitation support who are working with you.