Our rehabilitative programs are focused on your needs and priorities.

Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) / Concussion Program
Once you have been diagnosed with a mTBI/Concussion by your doctor we offer a specialized program that uses our 30 years of clinical experience and the treatment guidelines published by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF).

Return to Work Program
We use our successful Return To Work approach and know that input from you, your employer and your significant others is imperative as we together develop your return to work. Our program increases the probability of a successful return-to-work (RTW).

Return to School
We will help you to return to school at your optimal level. We get input from you, your teachers, your family and your significant others as we develop your return to school.

Return to the Home and Community
We will help you complete meaningful activities in your home, community, and personal living environment. We help you to create a circle of care and help loved ones adjust to changes in themselves and each other.

Employer Services
We can help your employees return to work after illness, disease or injury. We address work performance difficulties and provide coaching as well as therapeutic and technical guidance.